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    Chinese Marine Rubber(Qingdao) Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    Add: Jiaobei industrial zone Jiaozhou Qingdao China
    Tel: +86-532-83243688
    Mob: +86-150 9218 5573
    Email: info@www.kkdd1.com

    Global Business Department one
    E-mail: sales01@www.kkdd1.com
    Tel: +86-532-88277829

    Global Business Department two
    E-mail: sales02@www.kkdd1.com
    Tel: +86-532-88277829

    Domestic Business Department
    E-mail: sales03@www.kkdd1.com
    E-mail: sales04@www.kkdd1.com
    Tel: +86-532-88277827

    Technical department
    E-mail: Tec01@www.kkdd1.com

    How can we assist you?

    Please fill in the form below and one of our teams will be in touch with you.