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    Our company, China Marine Rubber(Qingdao) Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturer of harbor rubber fenders,marine fenders,engineering rubber products and steel structure products in China, it locates at Jiaobei Industrial Zone of Jiaozhou city in Qingdao, with east access to the expressway, railway station ,seaport and airport. It enjoys pleasant climate and graceful environment.

    Our company covers an area of 60 thousand square meters with building area 22 thousand square meters, now it has 156 employees including 52 technicians. Its annual rubber fender and engineering rubber production capacity now reach 8000tons, including ten or so types several hundreds specifications, the products now widely used at harbor and ports, boats and ships and construction works,besides the steel structure production capacity up to 1000tons. 

    Our company get strong technical force, advanced workmanship, modern processing equipment and complete testing equipment, It possess more than 100sets special equipment including 50tons lifting capacity bridge crane. And we have passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system certificate, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certificate & Safety production standardization level 3 certification enterprises. The company has been cooperating with relevant design institution/department from Ministry of Communication, Beijing Rubber Industry Design & Research Institute, Qingdao Technology University and Beijing Chemical Industry Colleague etc. and set up its own scientific research team for developing new rubber fender products and improving the workmanship to satisfy the mark requirement. The company has the capacity of designing and processing based upon customer request and providing technical consultation as well.

    China Marine Rubber(Qingdao) Industrial Co., Ltd.